Inara Chayamiti is a Japanese-Brazilian documentary filmmaker who has been telling nonfiction stories for 12 years. She aims to spark important conversations, to promote empathy and to raise awareness of human rights and environmental issues through stories in which people are protagonists of their own narratives.

The short documentary “Yzalú - Rap, Feminism and Blackness”, directed by her and Mayra Maldjian, was selected by eight festivals, among them: in-Edit Brazil, São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Curta Kinoforum) and FIFH (Festival International Du Film Sur Le Handicap). It was awarded by the Brazilian itinerant circuit CineB Solar and it was considered one of the 16 best productions made between 2017 and 2018  by a São Paulo City Hall's contest organised by the Municipal Secretary of Culture and the CCSP (Centro Cultural São Paulo).


The experimental documentary short “Raam” won the Audience Award at the SHIFT Film Festival, organised by the Dutch film hub CineSud. She also created the web series “Volta na Quadra”, awarded by the script contest and lab NETLABTV and sponsored by Folha de S. Paulo. ​She produced, filmed and directed the Brazilian stories for the Riot Games' international documentary series “Legends Rising” during two seasons. See more below.

She created short documentaries, series, video reports and campaign videos for companies and organisations such as Greenpeace, Avaaz, Google, C&A Foundation, Folha de S. Paulo, GOL, Marie Claire, Revista AzMina, Equal Times, Storyhunter, among others.

Before starting working as a freelancer, she worked as a video journalist at the largest Brazilian newspaper, Folha de S. Paulo, and at the Brazilian publishing companies Abril and Globo.

She got a degree in journalism at the State University of Londrina, studied documentary at UnionDocs (New York) and did a master in cinema and video at Anhembi Morumbi University (Sao Paulo). Moreover she also did other courses and workshops focused on cinematography, editing, impact documentary, script writing and entrepreneurship.

Some of her work:

Raam, 2020 

(director, producer, director of photography and editor)

The experimental collaborative short is a cinematographic window in 9x16 which connects five self-isolated perspectives of the coronavirus pandemic portrayed by women of the filmmaker’s family from their windows in the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and Japan.

 -  Audience Award at the  SHIFT  Film Festival, organised by the film hub CineSud 
-  Selected by the Amsterdam Filmmakers Festival and the Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival

- Part of the digital art collection Roaring 2020s, organized by VOX-POP, a creative space of the faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Yzalú - Rap, Feminism and Blackness, 2018 

 (director, producer, director of photography and editor) 

The film shows Yzalú’s journey as a rapper while being a physically disabled black woman from the outskirts of the megalopolis of Sao Paulo, discovering feminism and fighting racism through her music. It approaches her most famous song, "Mulheres Negras", which became an anthem among black feminists in Brazil.

- Selected by eight festivals between 2018 and 2019, among them: in-Edit Brazil, São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Curta Kinoforum) and the french festival FIFH (Festival International Du Film Sur Le Handicap)   

- Non-theatrical screenings with an audience of about 900 people, and debates with the protagonist

- Awarded by CineB Solar, an itinerant circuit that takes cinema to communities and universities in São Paulo

- One of the 16 best productions made between 2017 and 2018 by a competition of the City Hall of São Paulo

- Part of the Dutch art show Decolonizing Realities,  organized by YOUth ACT at Cinetol in 2021

Legends Rising, 2016 

(producer, director of photography and director of the Brazilian stories)

This Riot Games' documentary series goes beyond the game and explores the inspirations, and fears of some of the world's best professional League of Legends players. 

- She worked during two seasons of the Riot Games' series with international crews from the USA, Chile, France and UK.

Volta na Quadra, 2015 

(director, producer, screenwriter, director of photography and editor)

The web series explores the city through the microcosm of its residents, in an unpretentious and fun ride, with a universe on each block.

-  Audience Award at the script contest and lab NETLABTV

- Selected by Telas Festival

- Sponsored by Folha de S. Paulo, completing 10 episodes